Kind Words From Our Clients

Mark Welsh

Founder and Managing Director, SMS Group Services

Nicola has supported SMS since 2011 in all facets of our accounts and book-keeping requirements. She has worked both as an in house team member and an external book-keeper.

Nicolas all round knowledge, work ethic, commitment and determined attitude to ‘Get the job done’ is second to none.

In recent years she has moved into our Finance lead role, assisting in setting up new software systems and also our Cultural lead role, utilising the Adapt by Design framework. Again, excelling in both roles.

I would highly recommend Nicola and her ‘Precious -time’ team to any business wishing to excel and grow.

Ian Dunican

Director and Chief Adviser, Melius Consulting

Nicola at Precious Time Business Services is excellent and a must have addition to any business. Since partnering with Nicola to provide business services such as bookkeeping and accounting services, I am free to work on the business’s technical aspects and deliver value to my customers. Nicola removes the monthly hassle of invoicing, cost management, and payroll. Each month, I receive detailed reports from Nicola as to the current financial state of the business. When monies are owed, or there are any discrepancies, Nicola tackles them with a can-do attitude and is solutions focused. Therefore, I have also engaged Nicola to partner with Melius Consulting in supporting my clients in activities as DiSC profiling. The use of DiSC has been an invaluable tool in developing teams, reducing conflict, and fostering collaboration with safety-critical teams.

I highly recommend Nicola at Precious Time Business Services. You can email or call me for a personal recommendation or ask me anything. Nicola has integrity, is honest, loyal, all while providing excellence in all her work.

Dhruti Shaa

Metis Learning

Nicola was a fantastic coach – very relatable, very personable. She used her intuition and her gut very well and was successful in meeting me halfway every single time, irrespective of the challenge I presented.

She shared some great tools and techniques depending on the roadblock I was facing.

I would highly recommend Nicola as your coach if you’re looking for action-oriented, solution-focused coaching.

Tord Persson

TP Formwork Pty Ltd

Nicola has been managing our bookwork for over 13 years now and we could not be happier with her services.

She is professional, reliable and highly knowledgeable. She takes good care of the financial side of things (payroll, BAS lodgements etc) which gives us more time to focus on operating the business and taking on more projects.

We highly recommend these services for any business

Andrew Dennehy

Principal Consultant, PlanNet 32

Nicola’s business coaching approach is down to earth and very much client-led. In the course of our coaching sessions we addressed an issue that was consuming too much time and energy.

Talking through the problem, combined with a few insightful questions and observations from Nicola, allowed me to come to my own conclusion and make my own decision. Ultimately, that decision led to actions that resolved the problem.

The coaching sessions are a very different experience to my expectations. Rather than having someone dictate a plan or give suggestions, the sessions were structured in a way to allow me to sharpen and clarify my own thought process.

I would highly recommend Precious Time Business Services and especially the business coaching sessions.

Christine Tinley

Director/Coordinator, Guides 4 Sight

My greatest appreciation to Nicola at Precious Time Business Services for being extremely approachable, professional and efficient in assisting me with both my business bookkeeping needs and coaching, keeping me on track and focused.

It’s a big relief knowing you are there for me as well as my business. Thank you.

Sacha Fulton

Owner, Peak Preparation

Starting my own business was a daunting affair to say the least. I started out dreaming small and over time realised that if I was going to provide people with a professional service then I had to engage professionals to help me look after the business. I simply did not have the skills and expertise to do it all myself.

Managing my books was a job I thought I could do myself until by chance I met Nicola Ward at a networking event. With Nicola’s patience and guidance, I came to understand that there was more to balancing books than meets the eye. Soon my homemade spreadsheet was a thing of the past and with Nicola’s assistance, we streamlined my accounting and invoicing using a software program. Suddenly there was no guesswork. Invoicing clients and managing my accounts was an automated affair meaning I had more time to spend on the business itself.

Each month Nicola ensures that that accounts balance and when tax time comes around there is little I have to do. Nicola’s knowledge and experience makes managing business accounts a stress-free task and I can not recommend her highly enough

Kathryn Fritz

Specialist Event Planner/ Manager, Business L.I.T.E.S

Business L.I.T.E.S. (a business networking and education group) had the privilege of Nicola Ward doing a presentation on time management.

She was a hit with up-to-date information relevant to the real world. Part of her presentation was a hands-on activity with jars representing time and how jars / times can be filled. Really brilliant. Her presentation represented the true professional she is.

It was a pleasure working with Nicola Ward as she is one of the most organised people I know.
Looking to get organised and goal focused, then I would really recommend Nicola Ward from Precious Time Business Services.

Tim Bruhn

Director, Attentive Aesthetics

I’ve always struggled being a control freak and needing to do everything myself. I finally put a ‘price’ on my own time and decided to use Nicola for my bookkeeping. I have not regretted it for one second.

Could I have done it myself? Maybe, but it would have probably taken me hours.

What is your time worth to you? Nicola is professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend her to my family and friends without hesitation.

Jacob Townrow

Nicola is a brilliant professional coach and helped me navigate through one of my biggest career crossroads. The coaching sessions were very self-led and gave me a great opportunity to talk through the challenges I was facing. Nicola was amazing at helping me breakdown these challenges and tackling them with a series of self-set tasks and goals and I would leave each session feeling focused and motivated. I am extremely grateful to have Nicola as a professional coach and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Gislaine Brito


I had the opportunity to meet Nicola through the Kaleidoscope program, where she was my mentor. During our journey she always encouraged me to reach my goal, giving me lots of tips, sharing some of her experiences and connecting me with her social network. Always dedicated, she didn’t let me give up and prepared me for the interview that resulted in my first job in my field here in Australia. I am very grateful for the support she gave me and I recognize and recommend the mentor program to everyone around me, as I believe it is essential to have a professional to guide us in this journey of getting us back into the job market.

Cida Trevisan


Having Nicola as my mentor was an amazing experience. It has changed me in so many ways. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my personality, my strengths, and my weaknesses. With her kindness and professionalism, Nicola guided me, teaching strategies I could use to empower my strengths, making my resume more appealing.

Her insights after the mock interviews were always very welcome, helping me to understand the selective process, and at the same time guiding me how to be myself and honest with the interviewer, reinforcing my strengths and showing that my weaknesses would not be an impediment for me to do my job.

In less than one month working with Nicola, I got an entry level job in my area. Nicola kept offering me support and guidance to help me to adapt and to think of ways to move forward. Now, less than one year after the mentorship process I am working for a big company that provides support for the mining industry and I am confident in my abilities to secure a job or to get a new job, if I need to.

My main goal was to get a job in my area of expertise, but I have gained much more. The whole experience has helped me to grow professionally and personally and all of this was possible thanks to Nicola. I am so grateful I had her as my mentor.

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