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The Emerging Business Series: Team Exclusive

This is an exclusive workshop series for your business.

All businesses have a range of challenges. If your business has been up and running for more than 12 months, the Emerging Business Series can assist you to overcome common challenges and issues arising in the areas of finance, culture, vision, team building, accountability and more.


$6,215.00 per team


6 x 2-3 hour Sessions

Understanding yourself & others: Team Exclusive

Learn to understand the personality traits and work styles of your team to improve business communication, elevate leadership impact, foster a high-performing work culture and mitigate and resolve conflict.

As part of this workshop, your team will receive an Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment.  These assessments provide personalised insights that help people to improve their understanding of themselves and others, resulting in them being more engaged, and more collaborative within their teams.


$2,750.00 per team


3.5 hours